Faculty & Academic-Support Software Team

FAST is an initiative to bring together staff developers from many departments across the University of Waterloo.

There are many pockets of local development on campus with varying levels of skill, resources, and support. By participating in FAST small teams are able to gain access to knowledge and resources of larger groups, and all participating members gain access to the shared knowledge of the team.

Without needing to establish a dedicated department, we are able to form a cost effective highly skilled campus-wide team of developers with a wide array of cross-domain expertise while maintaining the status quo in individual departments.

FAST hopes to provide the University of Waterloo even better support of our locally-developed academic and administrative tools without sacrificing the agility afforded by our traditional local development techniques.


To get in touch with the FAST group you can email the co-chairs Mirko Vucicievich & Steve Weber

Team Goals

Not a Development Team, but a Team of Developers