Helping UW live in harmony with our feathered friends


GooseWatch is one-part teaching tool and one part springtime diversion.

It is a collaboration between Mapping, Analysis, and Design and the Student Success Office

On the educational front, it is an application which demonstrates the following tasks often encountered in teaching geospatial/geoweb courses:

  • How to build a webmap using Mapbox-GL
  • How to render vector tiles
  • How to build a routable network from OpenStreetMap data
  • How to build an interface for crowdsourcing
  • How to manage administration and approvals of geospatial data

On the technical level, it is an application which:

  • crowd-sources goose nesting locations during mating season
  • provides routes between locations on campus that avoid goose nests
  • customizes routes based on a user's comfort level around nesting geese
  • gives goose nest etiquette tips to keep everyone living in harmony

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